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This list of websites was published in Volume 19, issue 4 of the Dream Network Journal, Shamanism & Dreams.

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Dream Temple

Dream Temple™ Journaling software

Add new dimensions to your dream life by adding the ability to search through hundreds of dreams instantly by key words, phrases and symbols. Built in dream symbols library by Wilda B. Tanner and others. To view full list of features, visit our website.


Akasha Software, LLD

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The main menu appears after you've been shown an inspirational quote. The greeting on this screen welcomes you and lets you know how many dreams are in your journal.

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The dream entry screen includes fields where you may enter a variety of types of information about your dream. Notice the custom text formatting. Email and export buttons. The "?" button provides help for the current screen. Field banner includes feature to expand field to full screen view, spell checking button to the right.

Dream Temple software screenshot

This screen allows you to note the Types of dreams. Very helpful when you want to review certain aspects of your dream life over time, for instance incubated, lucid, spontaneous etc. Note the purple halos over text buttons indicating entries.

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List view is where you can find and navigate within a group of dreams. Simply click on the title of the dream and you are transported to the dream text.

About Dream Temple

This text was not available in the Dream Network Journal, but was available on the advertised Dream Temple Website (Web Archive) at the time that the Dream Network endorsement was published

Dreams are amazing. Most of you know this. Many of you have probably had life-changing insights, or made life-changing decisions based on a dream, or some form of guidance that came to you in a dream-like state. What better purpose for technology than to help you watch the mysteries of your Life unfold!

How would I benefit from keeping my dream journal on my computer?

For starters, imagine how nice it would be run the spell checker on you dream, format text, and attach images to your dream entry. What about those times when you're trying to remember a dream but all that comes to mind is that there was a frog in it. Wouldn't it be great to just type in a keyword or phrase and find your dreams instantly instead of flipping through pages. Now that you've found a group of dreams you can now keep notes on this group of dreams. Perhaps I want to print them out and bring copies for my dream group. Presto, they're printed.

Now imagine that you don't have to imagine this anymore that the tool you need is right in front of you. You say to yourself "do I take the opportunity or do I wait for something else?" Before I make my decision perhaps I could get some idea of what this software might look like, so I take a tour of the Dream Temple. I finish the tour and the web site tells me that I can download a copy of the Dream Temple for free to try it out. The dream becomes a reality!

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Features: Details about Features!

  • Runs on Windows 95/98/NT/2000 or Macintosh computers

  • Accommodates many different journaling techniques

  • Introduction to dreaming by noted dream author Wilda B. Tanner

  • Dream symbol library by Wilda B. Tanner

  • Interview your symbols to find their unique meaning

  • Create an instant web page of selected dreams in your journal

  • Import dream images you created in other graphics applications

  • Dream Links allow you to keep note for a group of dreams

  • Custom text formatting and spell checking

  • Colorful screens and user friendly interface

  • Personal password for security that you can change

  • Perform simple and complex searches on keywords and phrases

  • Print, import, export, or e-mail dreams to share with friends!

  • Guarantee: All dreams you enter are transferable to other applications

  • Help system included with the journal

  • Personal technical support through the Internet and mail list group

  • Inspirational quotes from philosophers, scientists, artists, mystics etc.

Dream Temple software screenshot

Dream Temple was made by Akasha Software

More Details about Features!

We also offer a scaled down version of the Dream Temple called Dreamlette. Dreamlette has all the features needed for basic dream journaling minus the advanced features: Dream Links, Interviews, Image Gallery, Web publishing, and e-mail.

As a software developer of many years I appreciate the personal commitment you make when you decide to use a piece of software. Therefore we've made every attempt to make sure that whatever you put in The Dream Temple you will be able to get out through import and export options. Read about professional standards.

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One Hand Clapping

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