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Volume 1, issue 1

Dreams as a Subversive Activity

What we're dealing with in dreamwork, in short, is counterconditioning. Constantly we're blasted by what's all around us with what we should think and feel. It's so easy to let a lot of our decisions be made by all that noise. Meanwhile we're b more

Are Dream Groups Really Useful?

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I dreamt that most of my front teeth had fallen out. I held them in my hand and looked up into the mirror at my toothless mouth. Horrified beyond measure. it suddenly struck me, "Hold on! This might just be a dream."

"If it is a dream," I reason more

A Book of Dreams: Review of 'The River of Light' by Lawrence Kushner

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Even with its descriptive subtitle, Spirituality, Judaism, and the Evolution of Consciousness, Lawrence Kushner's book THE RIVER OF LIGHT would hardly find i more