Dream Activism (Letter to the Editor)

Five years ago I had a very disturbing dream and I knew I had to do something about it. Perhaps it was a precognitive dream, but even more so, it felt like a telepathic dream. I began to actively pursue the dream, trying to find out what it means. What I have learned since, is that the dream was not only symbolic but had a literal concern. In order to work with this dream more effectively, I need to reach out to as many people as possible, thus I seek your help.

The Dream: October 1995

I am standing on the edge of Chimney Rock (a cliff in West Marin, California) with a group of people looking out to the ocean. I guess we were looking for migrating whales. Then suddenly a huge mother whale comes straight out of the water and faces the crowd. Out of the crowd she chooses me (makes sense since this is my dream!) and turns her body in front of me. She wanted to say something but her mouth was closed. I could see a small hole in her neck where she was communicating from. In silence, through the hole she gave this message "My brothers and sisters are dying. We need your help!" And then she went right back into the water.

I woke up totally overwhelmed, gasping for air. At the time, I was bed ridden because of a back injury and I was in tremendous pain. I often identify my body with the condition of Mother Earth and I thought perhaps, through my pain, I was in sympathy with the pain of the whales.

Ever since this dream, I have educated myself about the condition of the sea mammals and support the health of our oceans. I have also traveled several times to Hawaii to be with these underwater creatures and to have an intimate connection with the inner worlds of the ocean.

What I have learned in the past few years about the condition of our oceans is absolutely horrible. As we all know, through pollution, overpopulation etc., the earth is in trouble, but if each one of us takes on one aspect of earth's concerns, we can help rebuild the treasure we walk on.

To me, the whales represent the heart of Mother Earth and if we lose them, we lose the spirit of the earth. A most pressing issue now is the US Navy Sonar testing that has been going on for awhile. The sound wave generated by the sonar noise is so strong that it defies human imagination. It is one of the worst threats for the highly sensitive marine mammals.

I would like to be a voice for the concerns of the mother whale in my dream. On her behalf, I invite you to take action by first reading the article in this site: http://www.nrdc.org/wildlife/marine/nlfa.asp and then send letters to Congress protesting the Navy Sonar testing. The site has a ready-made letter that you can use; all you need to do is to write your name and e-mail address.

If you want more information and facts about what is happening to the ocean and the whales, there is a practical site you can look up http://listen.to/lfas. This site was given to me in a fundraising event for the ocean creatures. As you know, it is not usual for me to send letters like this but the message of the dream compels me to act. The dream is bringing the activist out of me and I have to listen.