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Volume 30, issue 4: Music in our Dreams

Lucid “Never Felt As Good”

This song and the fact that I chose to record it are inspired by a number of dreams. I have experienced many dreams spread over a couple decades that encourage me to record and share more music. Many such more

The Trees are Singing!

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I awoke to this strange sound coming from outside my window. After a while, it occurred to me it was coming from the trees. They were creating music; they were singing! I was filled with inexplicable joy at the wonder of this. It all made sense som more

The Gilgamesh Cantata: A Personal Exploration of Dreams and Music

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Dreams have long been a source of inspiration for musical composers of all genres. For example, Richard Wagner – who once wrote that “all poetry is only true dream interpretation” – recounted in his autobiography that he was unable to find a wa more