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Volume 32, issue 4: Important People in our Dreams

A Dream about President Obama

I have a book that has ten spiritual questions on the cover as its title. I am giving it to a friend who is deeply concerned with transformation. Then the door to the house opens, and President Obama enters, hesitantly, asking permission by his more

Pre-Election Dreams

How did a dream of mine recorded in November 2002 have anything to do with the Election of 2004? Back then, I had no idea that it did. Some understanding of the dream’s significance came 21 months later after having another dream that I decided more

Dreaming Another Language: She Will Not Kill

I am or she is holding the photo and speaking to him, or he is the face in the photo, and I am or she is saying, “No, you will not kill.” He, as a revolutionary, or they, together, they will do what they must, what they have been doing, what ha more

Who is the Important Person in Your Dreams?

THE OLD MAN was still working. He had enough money and didn’t need to work, but working was a part of him. He dimly realized that his sparkle of existence fueled by over half a century of work was dying. He needed to know if his illusory passion more