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Volume 32, issue 4: Important People in our Dreams

Dreaming Another Language: She Will Not Kill

I am or she is holding the photo and speaking to him, or he is the face in the photo, and I am or she is saying, “No, you will not kill.” He, as a revolutionary, or they, together, they will do what they must, what they have been doing, what ha more

A Dream about President Obama

I have a book that has ten spiritual questions on the cover as its title. I am giving it to a friend who is deeply concerned with transformation. Then the door to the house opens, and President Obama enters, hesitantly, asking permission by his more

Pre-Election Dreams

How did a dream of mine recorded in November 2002 have anything to do with the Election of 2004? Back then, I had no idea that it did. Some understanding of the dream’s significance came 21 months later after having another dream that I decided more

Who is the Important Person in Your Dreams?

THE OLD MAN was still working. He had enough money and didn’t need to work, but working was a part of him. He dimly realized that his sparkle of existence fueled by over half a century of work was dying. He needed to know if his illusory passion more