Who is the Important Person in Your Dreams?

THE OLD MAN was still working. He had enough money and didn’t need to work, but working was a part of him. He dimly realized that his sparkle of existence fueled by over half a century of work was dying. He needed to know if his illusory passion for a different kind of work was real or only an empty excuse to stop working altogether.

His thoughts floated on the mist of awareness into a dream where…

A slender, almost shapeless woman covered in silence appears before him. Her features dissolve, leaving only the sheen and smooth perfection of her short, silvery-white hair.

The dream woman was important. She was to be his comfort, his source of reassurance that he needed to give energy to a new dream. She would be able to release him from his worries, the worries of many elders: that their potential for making a mark in the world will be denied them in this new world of speeding change that defies comprehension.

Time is visibly absent. Neither the old man nor the woman disturbs the stillness. They just stand opposite one another, seeing each other, but with no exchange of any kind.

THE TIRED, MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN had just changed careers. She had emerged from the stifling cocoon of a corporate management position to pursue a new life. With adrenalin-charged power, she worked her way through a grueling graduate education program right along side quick learning students in there twenties. She emerged victorious with a master’s degree, enormous debts, and only a part time job. As she drifts into dreams, she looks forward to seeing her grandfather again. In the comfort and silence of their meetings, their love for each other eclipses the need for any talk.

THE YOUNG MAN IN HIS THIRTIES feels invincible. His power and vision are as yet unchallenged by the need to overcome the inevitabilities of future discouragement and pain. Dreams provide him with strong counselors and teachers whose advice and answers he knows will ensure success in his all-encompassing endeavors.

THE LITTLE GIRL is spritely, engaging, and well cared for. She is growing up as she weaves her way through a world of confusing mirages, unspoken rights and wrongs, and the inconsistencies of adult behaviors.

In dreams ...

She bravely meets the frightening and comforting lady in blue who returns night after night to stand by her.

We usually consider archetypal figures—which are there to help—as being most important in our dreams… but they are not the only ones. Who we draw into our dreams as guides and helpers is influenced by our personal history and our stage of life.

The size of emerging problems, our belief system, our intentions for direction in life, and unconscious drives all combine to govern who will show up in dreamtime to assist us.

Even more so than in waking life, those who come to us in dreams allow us to grow spiritually. Respecting our gift of free will, they rarely tell us what to do. Their unstated perspective is a universal one that transcends the needs of the dreamer’s ego and focuses on the collective Whole.

The more we consider the seemingly simplistic question of who is the most important person in our dreams, the more complex the question becomes. Adding to the complexity is the fact that we ourselves are participants in our dreams - if sometimes only as unseen observers.

With the realization that the power of the universe embodied in love can be focused on us as we dream, we are drawn to an awareness of our own deep value. The dream in all of its quiet, veiled power comes to celebrate us as half-asleep dreamers, who when awake can be enormously vital and important contributors to the welfare of Humanity.

So we might then conclude that the most important person in your dreams very well may be YOU!