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Volume 33, issue 1: Beyond the Veil

A Glimpse Beyond the Veil: Nightmares as Initiatory Callings

The exploration of how our dreams help us connect with favorable solutions to the challenges of waking life is a central task of dream work. A helpful place to begin or continue such a quest is to look at the dreams that most disturb us. Why? N more

Messages from the 'Other Side'

Let me begin by explaining that I am one of those people who firmly believes that death is not the end, but a passage to and a beginning of life in another dimension. I am convinced that all living beings have a soul that will live on after dea more

How to Start a Dream Theatre

Theater director Steven Kent and I had not expected to be working together again on a creative project related to dreams at this time in our lives. In advance of producing Dreams Against the State in 1981, he and I had recreated the Eleusinian My more