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Volume 17, issue 1: Lucid, Mutual, WILD Dreaming

Network Nous: Time Dreams

Keeping an extensive dream journal on a computer for the last three years has proven to offer insights hardly expected from such a medium. As an example, one morning after writing a dream down, I tried to save the file onto the hard drive, usin more

Chaotic Attractors in Myth: Stories told by the Kariri-Xuco Indians

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A myth can be described in many ways but the metaphor of a "chaotic attractor" is especially suitable. In chaos theory, there are several types of "attractors" but a "chaotic attractor" finds order in what appears to be incomprehensible data by more

The Afterglow of Letting Go: Beginning, Transforming and Healing Relationships in Lucid Dreams

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Letting go of control in lucid dreams has helped me to begin a beautiful friendship, guide a lover relationship through a healthy transformation and facilitate healing between my conscious and unconscious self.

In the world of lucid dreaming, wh more