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Volume 31, issue 4: Dreaming Humanity's Path

Reading the Red Book: An Interpretive Guide to CG Jung’s Liber Novus by Sanford L. Drob

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When The Red Book of Carl Gustav Jung was published, it caused an immense stir, offering readers a plethora of new mysteries and depth psychology insights. I cannot predict that this interpretat more

Astral Injection

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“Astral Injection” by Orna Ben-Shoshan

This painting was featured on the cover of Volume 31, #4 of the Dream Network Journal.

What happens to you a moment before you wake up? The soul returns from distant dream realms, getting ready to re-enter y more

Tarot in Dream Groups

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A Tarot deck can be a transformative participant in a dream group. I discovered this a few years ago at a dream theater workshop I was co-facilitating and realized it again this year at my monthly dream discussion group.

A woman in the dream the more