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Volume 6, issue 4

The Dreamwork Movement

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Dreamwork has moved out of the ivory towers and into the neighborhoods. No longer does one need to lie on a psychiatrist's couch or study at a university to gain valuable insights into one's dreams. And scientists studying the mechanics of thes more

Dreams & Gifts (How Did You Ever Guess?)

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There are as many different kinds of dreams as there are kinds of gifts; or, there are as many different kinds of gifts as there are dreams—however you want to look at it.

Did you ever have the experience, as a young person, of having a long-uns more

Viewing the Interviewer, featuring Jill Gregory

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Linda: Jill, what excites you the most about dreams?

Jill: What interests me is their potential for transforming how we experience life; what we believe and think, how we feel and what we do with our lives. Dreaming gives us an alterna more