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Volume 22, issue 2: Peace

Can the World Dream Peace?

“Nothing happens unless first a dream.” - Carl Sandburg

I would like to talk to you about The World Dreams Peace Bridge, my current dreaming project. In order to do so it is necessary to first give you a little background about myself and about t more

Holistic Dream Studies in Academia

A hundred years from now our future ‘ancestors’ will look back to appraise, hopefully with compassion, what we have contributed to the evolution of human consciousness. By then, dreams will be such an integral aspect of life that this time in t more

War in Iraq: Nightmare or Waking Dream?

As American bombs began raining down on the city of Baghdad, I found myself in shock, feeling as if we are living in a world gone mad. I feel impotent, seemingly unable to have any effect whatsoever on the horror of what is playing out as reali more

Dream Tending & Story Telling: An Inter-Generational Process

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I grew up in a household that valued intuitive, non-linear thinking. My father, Roy Henry Schul, raised me on a heavy diet of colorful stories that depicted every phase of his life, including tales about t more

Thoughts on the Evolution of a Dream Cherishing Culture

profile image moreConfident of new creation which your dreaming strokes will paint, radiant in its truth and beauty more

Excerpted from the Evening Hymn of Wonder, text and music by Steven R. Janco

Some readers may know of my awakening to the power of dreams wh more