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Volume 32, issue 1: Group Dreaming

Joanna Penn: Living and Loving Her Dream

Author Joanna Penn interviewed by Russell Lockhart

They say the novel is ill. The novel is dying. The novel is dead. The fashionistas of literary criticism, many of them novelists themselves, condemn whatever current cultural phenomena they see t more

Contest Inspires Group Psi Game: Dreaming Minds Unite!

It all began in a dream telepathy contest, where strange – stranger-than-usual – things happened.

It was 2006, my first year attending the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) annual online PsiberDreaming Conference (PDC), wh more

Mutual Dreaming with A Little Help from My Friends

In 2008, I had registered to participate in the International Association for the Study of Dreams online Psiberdreaming conference. I found myself hesitating before actually signing in and engaging, even after the conference had begun full swin more