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Coat of Many Colors


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The Coat of Many Colors was a co-creation of John Van Daam, Jeremy Taylor and Kathryn Taylor at the Dream Tree Press, and published in cooperation with the Dream Network Bulletin. It received contributions by many writers and artists who went on to dedicate their lives to the field of dreamwork and dream research, and many became well-known in the field if they were not already at the time.

The Coat of Many Colors was intended as a snapshot of the dream movement at a time when it was just beginning to form a cohesive voice and self-awareness, and at the same time to foster this sense of collective purpose.

The Dream Tree Press itself was a huge crank-driven machine in the basement of the Taylors' house, and Jeremy's daughter Tristy remembers as a child collating pages and stapling booklets together. This publication is made available here with the kind permission of John van Daam (also known as John van Damm) and Tristy Taylor.

Working with Dreams

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Doing Dream Work

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