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Volume 28, issue 2: The Art of Dream Sharing

Book Review: Dream Tending by Stephen Aizenstat

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Dr. Stephen Aizenstat is highly respected as a Master of Dreamwork, his extensive study and deep connection to the power of dreams a more

Aware in the Light: Lucid Dreaming’s Transformational Potential

After twenty years of lucid dreaming and many hundreds of lucid dreams, I had had it.

The maya of dreaming, the maya of waking and the maya of being consciously aware in the dream state, I discovered, all seemed creative constructions that were activate more

The Celestial Elevator: Where & How Can We See Parallel Worlds?

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Can life exist in other forms besides the one we live in? Can we access such realms? Can anyone see them?

The art world, especially the surreal, visionary and fantasy genres, suggest a glimpse into the vast range of possibilities that exist beyo more

What is DreamTending?

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DreamTending is a method of working with dreams that considers dream images as “living images”. It makes the particularity and presence of these images available to the dreamer. The wisdom of ancestral callings, the instinctual knowledge of ani more

Prophet's Dance

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“Prophet’s Dance” by Orna Ben-Shoshan

This painting was featured on the cover of Volume 28, #2-3 of the Dream Network Journal.

In Biblical times, prophets would engage themselves in ecstatic rituals and open themselves to absorb divine messages ( more