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Dream Network

The Dream Network Journal is a place for people to share the wonder and mystery of dreams. The journal was published in printed form from 1982 to 2015, and thanks to our crowdfunding supporters, the site offers all issues of the DNJ for download, and reproduces many articles in blog form.

If you'd like to look up an individual author or article, there's a growing authors page here, and a (not-quite-complete) list of Dream Network articles in spreadsheet form.

Please email us for questions.

Cover image: Mirror, by Deborah Koff Chapin

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Dream Network Issues

Volume 34, issue 1: New Beginnings

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The Dream Network has arisen again from five years of hibernation, and from the midst of a pandemic. We think there's never been a better time f more

Volume 33, issue 4: Finding Gold in Old Dreams

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This is the last issue of Dream Network Journal in its current form. These are hard words for me to write. I feel more

Volume 33, issue 3: Dreams are Agents for Change

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As I begin writing this next-to-last editorial, I am keenly aware that to do justice to what I feel and want to sa more

Volume 27, issue 2: Women for Peace

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Paying Tribute to Two Exceptional Women Working Vigilantly for Dreams and for Peace: Rita Dwyer & Jean Campbell

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