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Dream Journal Apps & Online Dreamsharing

You'd be forgiven for thinking that dream journal apps and online dreamsharing were a recent phenomenon. But check out these articles, and you'll see that for as long as dreams, computers and the internet have coexisted, there's been a dream to digitize the unconscious.

The Gilgamesh Cantata: A Personal Exploration of Dreams and Music

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Curtiss Hoffman breaks down the frequency of musical elements in his dreams, using his own database program.

Do you INTEND to dream?

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Ann Kruglak discusses her concept of "Intentional Dreaming", how it differs from dream control and dream incubation, and introduces her dreaming software CD, "Interactive Dreaming".

Dreams & Computers

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An exchange which took place across DNJ issues about the possibility of replacing 3x5 index cards with a computer program for dream journaling, and the metaphoric significance of high technology in dreams.