Review: The Lucid Dreaming Kit by Bradley Thompson

The ability to maintain awareness of a dream while dreaming seems to be considered difficult if not impossible by many people. How often do we take conscious action within a dream and steer it to a more favorable outcome? Not very often. The Lucid Dreaming Kit improves our chances of realizing lucidity in dreams, using a fairly simple procedure. On one CD in the kit are instructions on how to proceed for a period of seven days in order to achieve/maintain awareness during the sleep cycle. Using a digital watch with an alarm setting on it, one is instructed to set it to beep at various intervals during designated nights. These interruptions‚ some how provoke us to maintain consciousness during sleep and help us subliminally anticipate a coming dream without waking up and losing contact with it.

I particularly liked the accompanying audio CD which the author recommends to play just prior to sleep. The subliminally encoded, eighty minute soundtrack enabled me to achieve a lucid dream state on the very first night that I used it. Frankly, I was rather surprised because I’ve rarely had fully lucid dreams where I was in complete control from beginning to end. I've always had the assumption that one had to actually struggle for years to achieve the lucid state.

In the dream, I found myself within a DNA molecule. When I instantly became aware that I was dreaming, I then took direct action and started repairing damaged telomeres, restoring the DNA to its original twenty-two strands, marveling at the codon poetry that played out before me. I would float from location to location in this marvelously illuminated DNA coil and could choose where to go and what to do. I then realized, within the dream, that the DNA molecule I was in was really of universal dimensions, spanning vast distances of interstellar space. It was more like an infinite helix, I realized, when I further investigated and started traveling through it.

Needless to say, I was most reluctant to have the dream end and woke up with a feeling that I had achieved something rather significant. The experience was both refreshing and rather amazing as well. It did something peculiarly benign to my waking state consciousness throughout the following day, as if there was some kind of deeper connection and resonance with environments within and without me. I realized that repairing the universal DNA helped with making these deep connections and I actually physically felt better.

Included with the Lucid Dreaming Kit are a Lucid Dreaming screen saver for your computer, a PDF file which contains the day by day instructions the author recommends to follow in order to increase the chances of having a lucid dream and a dream log. (I recently received information from the Lucid Dreaming Kit creator that there is now a version of the audio CD that is eight hours long).

The ease of use as well as the immediate effect the CDs had on my dream life has given me sufficient indication that Thompson's method does work effectively. I've tried other methods in the past to achieve lucid dreams such as Tibetan Dream Yoga but nothing so far has given me the quick results that the Lucid Dreaming Kit has. Check it out!

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