Flying Trees

Flying Trees cartoon

I am in a motel in the SouthWest desert (I had been living in Sedona for awhile) with my mother and her sister, my Aunt Esther. It's a '50's decorated place. My Aunt had actually had her leg amputated and she was in this state in the dream. My Aunt and I are looking out of a big picture window, divided into a grid. It is sunset, and I say, "Look how beautiful the sunset is."

We gaze out the window at the horizon; it is brilliant orange and red. On the far-distant horizon I see what at first seems like a huge black cloud... but it's a flock of blackbirds flying towards us. As the flock flies closer, their shapes get bigger,change and I strain my eyes to see and I say in astonishment, "That's not birds, they're trees!"

A column of uprooted trees is flying in a vector formation toward us and is encompassing the whole vista of the dream. The trees have no leaves, they are black trees with huge roots and branches flying across the sky. As they fly over the motel, I panic and say "We've got to get out of here."

The scene shifts to outside the motel in the parking lot and a '57 era station wagon is parked outside with wooden panelled sides. I jump in the driver's seat, my Aunt beside me in front and my mother in the back seat. (I actually don't drive in my waking life.) I start the car and begin driving off across the desert. There are no roads. The gigantic trees are flying overhead of us now and I am racing to get out of their flight path. I think that they are going to start falling... and sure enough a tree drops on top of the car roof, denting it. I can feel the weight on my head. I know we will all be fine and continue to drive with the weight of the tree on the car.

I awaken in a panic-feeling that this was a big dream. My intuitional, emotional sense of it was that the trees were very angry, like they were saying we aren't going to take it anymore and they uprooted themselves and were flying away... off the planet.