Send me your stories - dreams and death

Hello All!!!

I am going to embark on writing a book about The Final Chapter (Death Stories). I have always felt this was a mission of mine since I did so many presentations surrounding this topic. My hopes are to dispel the collective fear society has placed on this transitional part of life.

I invite you to include any stories you may want to share. This will include:

  1. Dreams of the departed

  2. Psychic synchronicity surrounding the death of someone

  3. Dreams that prepare us for someone passing

  4. People know when they are going to pass

  5. People without a belief system about death

  6. When people don't have a plan/idea about death

  7. Ghosts - people who don't move on

  8. Your NDE's

  9. Experiences with pets who have passed

  10. Death as an agent of social change

I will also include tips:

  • Re-entry into fearful dreams

  • Active imagination journeys to plan our exit

  • Dream transfers

Please send me your stories! All will be anonymous in the telling.

Thank you!! Please forward to anyone who might have a story to share.

Star Edwards

text me also at 303-815-6704