It was an unremarkable and doubtless chilly midweek winter evening in January 2019 when our regular Dream Share met in midtown E of Manhattan just a block away from the United Nations, and a kangaroo from abroad who was studying computer science in Philadelphia hopped in. A few hours of later we sent him packing with a random edition of the Dream Network Journal pulled off the shelf, and made due diligence in a requisite email follow up.

Dan, Inoshi and Ana selfie

Inoshi, Ana and Dan at Inoshi's dreamshare group

This person was Daniel Kennedy. He continued to make the trek to and fro, and to delve into our dreaming nature, and our project came to resolve. A little over two years have transpired since the idea inception, and subsequent campaign launch to collect a full set of the print published DNJ, digitize it and donate the collection to a publicly accessible library. Our numerous donors can be referenced at the campaign site, and The NY Public library now holds a complete hard copy collection in its periodicals division.

Magazines on a wooden table

The entire Dream Network Journal collection in the periodical room at New York Public Library

Roberta Ossana and I first came into contact years ago after I was introduced to the DNJ by a long running dream group that met on E 57 hosted by Leon van Leeuwen. As a creative type I’d had an interest in and sensed the value of dreaming phenomena; yet until that time I’d never participated in dream sharing as an art and form of self cultivation. I subscribed to our publication and along the way ensured the dreamwork group I inherited from Leon got listed in DNJ’s resource backpage.

From Utah, New South Wales and New York; Roberta, Dan and I respectively aligned our nisus to form an El Sueño, a kind of dream current that fulfilled the preservation objectives. In the past several months Dan has humbly and successfully built, and recently launched the new DNJ website, and begun working with authors on soon to be released articles. Currently, another solid sequence of this amazing dream cherishing archive and resource are on their way to the land known for its dream walkers, Australia; and its State Library of Victoria.

Somehow even a global plague hasn’t stopped this dream from manifesting. I envision a post pandemic world as one that is more dream sharing, responsive, and remembering. Who knows what dreams will emerge next? Let’s ready the sails of our hearts and those to come to welcome, and catch the gales and breezes upon the ocean of dreaming.

Inoshi and Javier with boxes wearing masks

Inoshi with Javier from Champion Courier, ferrying the DNJ through the plague to NYPL

We invite you to celebrate the official launch of the online publication of the DNJ! Do enjoy, bookmark, and share the site and e-news.

Stimulating Reading, Happy Dreams, Inspiration & Health to All,


April 2021