Editorial: Issue 9.4

Page copy from original printed issue

May I first express deep gratitude to each of you who contributed to this issue; it is a profound honor for me to steward the materials you find nestled in this container. I'm so grateful it almost hurts right now! In order to present (most) of the submissions, this issue is expanded to forty pages; it was impossible to cut and slash such deeply relevant experiences. If you are moved to make a contribution toward the additional cost involved, most welcome. My intuition of the words and images you hold in your hands is that contained here in is the provision of solid ground for a cultural revolution in values. Your response will be awaited with joyful anticipation. Special thanks to Patricia Keelin for her enthusiastic and professional involvement and to those of you who helped with the editing of articles.

You may have noticed the addition of Myth to the motto on our masthead as of Summer. Please understand that this does not imply that this publication will be joining the many Jungian Journals extant today; rather, it hopes to lend credence and space to the glaringly apparent lack of relevant mythologies in western culture today. Whereas in many ancient civilizations and tribal societies mythology was an integral part of the daily experience, we today are having to re-educate ourselves as to the meaning and purpose of myth academically, as we lack experiential background.

In adding this new dimension, we are not so interested in pursuing the myths of yester-century, except insofar as they lend pertinent meaning to our personal and collective lives, here and now (such as Kelley Hunter's article on Vishnu, pg. 12); rather, we aspire to inspire a recognition of the potential for myth being born in our dreams which are presently dissipating for lack of validation and context. We can no longer afford to lose those dreams! Russell Lockhart, Ph.D. in his book Psyche Speaks says it best:

"My concern is that in our eager pursuit of past mythological images, we may miss relating to the actual myth-inducing, myth-producing quality of the psyche in our own time. Myth is speech of the psyche at any time, and it may even be more crucial to be conscious and involved in the mythic voice of the present and future than of the past".

Most avid students of dreams and mythology seem to agree that the mythology of today is embodied in the healing and transformational process of each individual. In that spirit, we embrace myth much as have David Feinstein and Stanley Krippner in their book Personal Mythology, as have Sam Keen and Anne Valley-Fox in Your Mythic Journey, and as does Paco Mitchell in his submission Gold, Silver, Zephyr and Harmonium (pg. 16). In other words, in a hands & hearts-on way that can be instructive and helpful to each of us. In that light, your submissions - the Big Dreams - which provides a mythic context for your life are warmly invited.

Insofar as the Dream Educator's Network, my image - given the information that has come into this quarter - is that DEN is now comparable to a 1000# chunk of clay, awaiting the sculpting of an updated purpose. Taken literally, dream education is a vital necessity in most homes, schools, and communities. Please enjoy Montague Ullman's article On Dream Education as a beginning step toward establishing a section in this Journal in which dream educators may share insights, experience, etc. What shape this section and/or new form the net work will take is evolving; we'll keep you informed and vice versa.

What are you doing toward educating and integrating dream sharing into your family, your schools and Sunday schools, your community? What is happening in your area in this regard, whether you are actually doing it or not? Is there someone who is providing lively programs that you would suggest we interview or encourage to submit an article? Let us know.

When I first accepted stewardship for this publication, one of the gifts received was an 'archives' of most past issues of the DNB from 1982; a treasure chest of information! Though reviewing those issues provided invaluable insight into the history, tone, and stage of development of DNB, I immediately felt that it would be a waste to allow that information to collect dust. Shortly following that thought, a letter was received from a reader asking if the back issues had been indexed. Phil Schuman is nearly complete with that process, and I would like to ask a resounding round of applause for his extraordinary effort; he has done an outstanding job!

As a result of this work, we would like to develop a pamphlet, listing back articles alphabetically by author, for sale as single units. The dual function that recirculating these materials could fulfil are:

  1. Vital information dissemination, and

  2. Help with financing the continuation of DNJ with a goal of putting us in a position to reward your editor and contributors financially.

If you - or anyone you know who has made contributions in the past - has objection to materials they have submitted being copied or redistributed in these ways, please notify us immediately. Beyond objections, if anyone is interested in making an investment - creative or financial - in such an endeavor, we are open to suggestions and offers.

Such a vast number of you renewed - with two and three year subscriptions - that we were deeply encouraged on this end. Thank you. Please continue to help make the Journal accessible to a broader audience by encouraging your local public and university library, as well as interested friends and/or clients, to subscribe.

Since summer issue, I have: (nearly) completed my Graduate degree; been catalytical in the process of the blossoming of (what appears to my eyes like) a zillion flowers (& a few vegies); died a few mini-deaths , and presently await rebirth. No small matters, these. In the interim, a good many issues have accumulated, which I've attempted to cover in these few paragraphs. Hope you've been able to follow along.

Now it is time for the Autumn harvest. My prayer is that this fruit will revitalize us and elevate the manner in which we regard one another during this (embodied) phase of the mystery. Network consciously and peacefully.