Editorial, Issue 10.2-3: Shifting Gears

From Roger Ripert, editor of Oniros (France) we received a 'call' to incubate a dream for the Earth on Winter Solstice 1990. The current issue of Oniros contains an extensive report of the European results of that experiment. Following is a narrative synopsis of approximately 25 dreams that were submitted by USA/DNJ readers, arrived upon by a small group of 'Moabite' dreamers. Thanks to each of you for the honor of doing this service.

Speaking for the Earth, psyche sees her as being poisoned, overly burdened (too hot and littered), and recognizes that (collective) humanity is just awakening to these facts. Even the most insensitive and brutal of our species are being slapped in the face by the winds of change and are beginning to open their eyes and hearts. The only way to enter the golden city (age) is through honest and difficult personal work. The golden age is just before us and we do have time to correct our distorted view. As we collectively get the right angle or perspective on the problems our species has created here on Earth, we can begin to heal ourselves and subsequently, the Planet. The Earth herself is a living organism and will respond to our efforts when we learn to speak (or preferably sing) with one voice.

Individuals must learn to look for alternatives ...to make choices that are available for bringing about necessary changes and ushering in the true source of healing Light. We are clearly given choices but we must each choose and decide or... we will lose them all. We can be more effective in our individual actions if we resist the pressure to conform to outworn standards of behavior and value systems. We each have a unique destiny to fulfill and can best contribute toward our own and planetary healing by allowing for its development and manifestation. We must each be willing to make the necessary sacrifices for the good of the whole; death (of the power and greedoriented aspect of ego) is imminent. We are given the statement "If it gets too much for you, just stop and ask for a freeing breeze"; and the words to a song "Be not afraid. I go before you always; come follow me, and I will give you rest" ...to encourage us as we enter the deep waters of emotional turmoil and purification during this unprecedented time of turbulent, turning tides. One open door that is available is believing in and following the guidance of our dreams. Through our dreams we may find the way to unblock the throat chakra (the energy center related to open and honest communications) the chakra most in need of healing in the world at this time.

Women are to play a central role in the ultimate transformation but they first need to learn to confront differences among themselves, trust one another and express healthy affection for one another as central participants. In summary, we need to learn to Live Lucidly!

Children are the ultimate teachers and healers. They see the tentativeness being modeled by adults, as opposed to their desire to see (in adults) resolve and commitment. They see the hypocrisy, the sickness caused by it, the 'boomerang' effect... and let us know they are available to assist us in the healing process.

We see multi-cultural children performing in large halls, wearing white clothing, though each is dressed representing their culture. They sing in celebration of the uniqueness of their own culture and ultimately join their voices in celebration of the beauty and mystery of Life and the Earth. They model the joy and necessity of playing, learning and singing together. Witnessing their performance are (smiling) diplomats and heads of State, including those deceased (e.g. Robert Kennedy) ...the ancestors. The children are singing old songs such as "Playmates" and new, including "Pray each other's ease down the Light." In the children lies the hope for the Future.

We, as Children of the Earth, are taking our first tentative and collective steps toward spirituality.

We must make arrangements for the care of the creatures; they need more open space and less exposure to "technology". Living things suffer when submitted to technology.

Large crowds of people are in a church - whose structure is flimsy, and whose alter has been blasted out on the back side revealing a much larger hall. (There's more room behind the altar?) The service is being conducted by ministers of many denominations. Though he never appeared, there is to be a talk by a leading figure in the field of lucid dreaming; what happens instead is a procession of ministers down the aisle singing "Bah, humbug!" The dream speaks to tensions in the world spiritual community such as pagan vs. Christian, solstice vs. Christmas, etc.

♥♥♥♥ (End Dreams)


I would like to welcome all new subscribers to the DNJ exploration and ask that you consider making a quick leap into our evolutionary journey via the following potpourri of information.

To all, I would like to introduce the new individuals on our advisory council, whom we are very fortunate to have on board. Most of you are familiar with Montague Ullman and Stanley Krippner, both veterans in the field of dream research and education, both authors of many well read books on our subject. They have been with us from my beginning, a gift for which we call all be grateful. Kelley Hunter joins us from Montpelier, VT, lending her expertise as mythologist, networker and writer. David Forlines is a spiritual advisor and crosscultural consultant dedicated to LaPush, WA. Among other talents, David is a fine teacher of Native American cultural traditions and language, a poet and carver. Marcia Lauck, co-author of At the Pool of Wonder and student of Jung and Native American tradition, has recently agreed to join us from San Jose, CA. Welcome and thanks to each of you for your involvement!

There is exciting news to share with you about the present state of evolution of the Journal; a Turning Point is truly upon us! When I first accepted stewardship for this publication in June of '89, an intuitive decision was made to set the theme for my first issue: Turning Points: Dreams That Inform as we Move into the '90s. Following that decision, and prior to the first issue being published, I had an opportunity to review the archives- which go back to 1982. Meanwhile Newsweek, Omni, Modern Maturity and other major magazines carried cover stories on dreams, providing a clear indicator that public interest in dreams was (and is) increasing.

These two factors, and the input many of you were kind enough to give informed my perception that the Journal - prior to my taking responsibility - had served primarily as a vehicle for developing courage, dialoguing and sharing new perspectives I techniques, etc., among professionals and dreamworkers, internationally.

It appeared the foundation had been built, and that it was time to prepare this publication to allow dreamers, dreamworkers and educators the opportunity to teach and explore with a broader and apparently eager to learn audience.

The good news is that we: have recently been reviewed in the Library Journal (December '90) by Bill Katz, a man considered to be an authority on periodicals by librarians; are contracted for three years with Knowledge Systems, and appear in their Guidebook for the 90's; have recently contracted with two distributors - on the east and west coasts; are being referenced in many new books and periodicals, such as Stanley Krippner's outstanding new anthology Dreamtime and Dreamwork and Venture Inward (Mar / Apr '91). Our gratitude to all mentioned for your help. The signs are clear that we are beginning to succeed in our purpose of reaching, educating and exploring with a broader audience ... indications to be celebrated by all!

All of this bodes well for our dreams and for the Journal, but we need your help! How? First, please recognize that your questions about and experience with dreams are valuable and we encourage you to share them with others through these pages. Do not think you need to be an expert, degreed or a skilled and published writer or artist I poet in order to submit an article, poetry or artwork. We warmly invite you to write letters to the editor, articles, hints or techniques that have worked for you, 'enactments' and dream / myth-related art work. Second, we continue to seek contributions of time and money for creating an anthology and / or series of subject-specific pamphlets from our 9 year old archives. If you are interested in involvement, please write us. We desire to get and keep this valuable information circulating, and preliminary research indicates it would be a good financial investment. Third, new subscribers are always welcome; please encourage friends, clients and your local or university library to join us. For each new reader you sponsor, we'll extend your present subscription one issue.

Celebrate our successes ...help with our challenges ...and thank you for listening and responding.

Several have written and asked 'Why Utah?" Please realize, first of all, that I consider myself a dual citizen of the states of Utah and Washington, as well as a planetary citizen. However, the former is my home state and one where - among other compelling factors - most of my family resides, there is a place to call home, and there are canyons, rocks, rivers and creeks that I have loved since I was very young. It gets in your blood! Please make contact if you visit, or would like to offer a seminar here.

The move to Utah and the war are primarily responsible for this double issue. We needed to get back on schedule with the seasons and this seemed the most likely and aesthetically pleasing way to do so. Our questions for Spring issue focused on dreams and healing the Earth; we had planned a Summer issue focused on the healing power of dreams. The exquisite art and articles that gravitated and surfaced strongly suggested this combined issue on Healing Our Souls; Healing the Earth: we can't have one without the other! All who have contributed and I join together in one interdependent voice, one volume, and beckon you to feast your soul, love yourself, and keep loving this marvelous mysterious precious powerful fragile planet we call home.

Delight in this issue! ♥