Light at the End of the Tunnel - The Twelve Days of Light: An Interview with Gary Bonnell

Symbolic Sound Forms from the Akashic Records

Symbolic Sound Forms from the Akashic Records

Roberta Ossana (DNJ): Dr. Bonnell, Thank you for being willing to share your unique gift and perspectives with our readers. By way of introduction, will you please share a bit of your background? How did you come to be an Akashic record reader?

Gary Bonnell: I began my journey into the Akasha as a child of eight. This actually came about as a result of a severe beating given me by my stepfather. I was knocked out-of-body. This experience (OBE) seems to have facilitated my ability to do so at will and I found it to be so delightful that I repeated it the next day. Thereafter, after school I would go immediately to my room, close the door and go out to my special place. About a year into this activity I met a guide by the name of E-Ly. He took me into the Akasha, or Great Hall of Records.

DNJ: How would you define or describe the Akashic records?

Gary Bonnell: E-Ly helped me understand the nature of the Records by way of taking me back to when the Records were first formed by the originating Twelve Logos as a means of communicating their unique frames of reference regarding Creation in this realm without bias. As these original Souls began begetting, each subsequent Soul added their knowing to the web of energy spiraling around Earth. Eventually the concept of time was added as a means of self-discovery within the maze, or the dimensional layers of consciousness we call our reality. It was then that the need for an oversoul, a point of integration of all knowing, was added to the equation, thus creating the need to individuate self into linear formats to satisfy a progression through the maze. It is said that the Records contain all that is or ever will be, including information from all of world incarnations of individual beings.

DNJ: In your book, you speak of consciousness and evolutionary cycles, in particular the 13,000 year cycles that swings on a continuum/pendulum from Duality to Unity. The Records indicate that we are on the threshold of completing a 13,000 year cycle of duality that began with the demise of Lemuria and Atlantis... and we are now entering into a cycle of Unity that will be initiated by an Event: The Twelve Days of Light. Would you summarize this Event and its implications for the Earth and humanity?

Gary Bonnell: There are rings of energy constantly emanating from the center of Creation. If we were to look back over time to the rise and fall of civilizations we could get a fairly good idea of the intensity and duration of past waves. This current wave began to overtake us some five hundred years ago. At the center of each of these waves, no matter how long in duration, there is a period of great intensity. Every 13,000 years, a wave one thousand years thick in duration overtakes us. We are quickly coming to the center of this current wave (seventh month of 2001) and will feel an intensity event for twelve consecutive days. This event is the line in the sand between the Aquarian and Piscean ages. We, the whole of mankind, will move into a unification of body, mind and Spirit similar to that experienced during the end time of Lemuria and the height of the Atlantian period. This move from separation into Unity will be experienced by everyone, regardless of the level of preparedness.

DNJ: You have cited Old Testament prophets (Isaiah and Ezekiel), prophecies of the Hopi and Mayan people and those of noted prophets like Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce. Information from these various sources seem to corro-borate that which you have glean-ed from individual readings and questions you have posed directly to the Records . Most prophets and prophecies, however, tend to focus on apocalyptic and/or negative 'endtime' scenarios. The Records indicate a place 'Beyond the Veil'-The Fifth Dimension-the ushering in of the long-awaited Age of Aquarius. What is the Light you have seen beyond the end of this present day tunnel of chaos and approximately when will we arrive there?

Gary Bonnell: Timing of this event is the single most difficult aspect of this prophecy. It has been said that only God knows when. But then if everything is God... we know. The difficulty is in how time is determined on the other side, i.e. you have to break cosmic references into Earthly equivalents. Not as easy as it may sound.

This is where the Old Testament and ancient text stuff comes into play. As best as can be interpreted the exact timing of this event is around the 17th of July 2001 with the collective mind stepping beyond the boundary of time in the year 2011. The Light at the end of the tunnel is full realization afforded us by this current wave. The timing is immediate. The good news is, every lifetime you have had since the last shift in Atlantis has been the preparation for this event. You will not be left behind again.

DNJ: Do you perceive that we often enter the realm of the Akashic records in the dream state? Could you give an example, please.

Gary Bonnell: The Akashic Records are our collective gathering of data that is freely shared without bias or prejudice. Because most of us have very strong waking opinions about what is right and wrong, we are kept from consciously entering the Records . The only other primary entrance is through our unconscious state, or dream consciousness. We all get data through intuition and hunches. But these are little snippets. Dreams are whole volumes of data that pertain directly to our concerns of the waking world, mainly our perceptions of how others view our contributions. This is the human predicament: how others perceive us. Not if we are clear and lucid about our place in Creation, but how others perceive our place. Dreams are extremely important streams of data that communicate the most direct path to our self-discovery. The data released in streams of consciousness during the dream state are from an individual's personal Book of Life held with the Akashic Records. Because of this, dreams are very important.

DNJ: You stress throughout the book that our work Now is the release of conflict and that since profound conflict is the current state of the collective mind, conflict itself will self destruct. This sounds like Chaos Theory in its finest hour! Is this (release of conflict) in your opinion The work we need to do, individually, in 'Preparing' Soul & Spirit for the Millennium? Please elaborate and provide, if you will, a Vision of how it will be for those who sustain consciousness.

Gary Bonnell: As we get closer to this cosmic line in the sand between ages, we will see a dramatic increase in collective conflict. This will act out in some very bizarre struggles as individuals, groups and cultures let go of the need to be right about their beliefs. The more individuals who are aware of the need to let go of conflict, the smoother the transition from third and fourth-dimensional awareness to third, fourth and fifthdimensional awareness. It is up to the individuals within the context of their like-mindedness to let go and let God.

DNJ: Thank you, Dr. Bonnell, for sharing with us!