Dream Tarot: The Tiger Comes

Universal dream themes have much to give us in life. Using the techniques suggested here, you can experience the dream and its issues. The Jungian-Senoi approach emphasizes actualization over interpretation, which means that it uses dreamwork methodology rather than symbol systems for gaining meaning from dreams.


  1. Read the dream and then go into a meditative state with your eyes closed and see the dream for yourself. Allow or place yourself and your own dream or life character in the dream in place of the original characters.

  2. Re-enact the dream still in the meditative state and immediately record your insights and feelings.

  3. Read the commentary here and the issues and questions. Respond to anything which is evocative for you, positive or negative.

  4. Bring your experience to essence in a principle, insight or life task for yourself. You might also put your experience into art or movement, or discuss it with a friend or guide. You have then made the dream your own.

Tiger lounging among bamboo


I dreamed that a tiger came into the house where a bunch of us were. We all scattered. I climbed up on top of the door. It prowled underneath me and finally went on down the hall. I was relieved that it did not try to get me.

Comments and Issues

The dreamer was afraid and naturally did not try to encounter the tiger directly. But when is it best to encounter an adversary and when is it best to leave it alone and see what happens? The dreamer chose the latter course and was relieved. The worst did not happen when the dreamer did not try to control the situation. The worst is more likely to happen when we do try to control things out of fear.

One way to deal with fear is simply to experience it. Another way is to contract and hide. A third way is to go on the attack. And a fourth way is to resolve the issue causing the fear.

Tasks and Questions

What would you have done had you been this dreamer? If nothing comes to mind immediately, then why not close your eyes and see yourself in the dream. Let the tiger come and see what happens.

You have a chance to experience and deal with fear here. Let go to the dream. Reenter the dream and let it evoke things for you. What feelings come up? What attitudes, or unconscious laws, seem to be behind those feelings?

What has the dreamer learned in the dream by staying present to the situation? What can you learn from the way the dreamer handled the tiger? What would happen if you let out more tiger energy in your life?