Dream Tarot: Meeting of Soul-Mates

In this column we will feature a classic Great Dream each issue based on the author's forthcoming book, The Dream Tarot. In working with this material the reader can experience each dream and its issues using techniques suggested here. The Jungian-Senoi approach emphasizes actualization over interpretation, which means that we use dreamwork methodology rather than symbol systems for gaining meaning from dreams.

Universal dream themes have much to give us in life.


  1. Read the dream and then go into a meditative state with your eyes closed and see the dream for yourself. Allow or place yourself and your own dream or life characters in the dream in place of the original characters.

  2. Re-enact the dream still in the meditative state and immediately record your insights and feelings.

  3. Read the commentary here and the issues and questions. Respond to anything which is evocative for you, positive or negative.

  4. Bring your experience to essence in a principle, insight or life task for yourself. You might also put your experience into art or movement, or discuss it with a friend or guide. You have then made the dream your own.

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THE DREAM - Meeting of Soul-Mates

I dreamed I was in this classroom and a dark haired, lovely woman was teaching. She came towards me and we touched hands. There was great energy in our hands and I thought to myself, this is someone I could marry. She is so dynamic and alive. She was also a healer. I woke up tremendously moved by this dream and wondered if it only applied to the inner world or would also predict the outer.

Illustration by Delpha Bloom, visionary artist


The dreamer is right to consider both inner and outer possibilities because of the great intensity of this dream experience. Its essence may well be. "prepare for meeting." Meeting a soul mate in life is an occasion of great importance. We know the event by its feeling of certainty and an instant bond indicating a common destiny. But not all potential becomes actual, and that is the challenge. First work with the dream as an inner event. Some new unity is now possible within yourself. Explore and realize it. Then explore or prepare for a significant outer event to occur as well.


  • Prepare for meeting your opposite, in a dream, in an inner experience, or in the outer life itself. What must you do to open yourself to such a meeting and then to actualize it? Are you sufficiently available at this time for new experience which may well change your life?

  • Whichever role you put yourself in as a man or a woman in the dream, what do you need to learn or be taught at present in your life that will create a new sense of unity for yourself?

  • Prepare also for sacrifice. An event of major importance may be happening for you now requiring a change in old relationships or ways of doing things. The time to change one's life is when we meet destiny face to face.