Dream Tarot: The Snake Hors d'oeuvre

In this column we will feature a classic Great Dream each issue based on the author's forthcoming book, The Dream Tarot. In working with this material the reader can experience each dream and its issues using techniques suggested here. The Jungian-Senoi approach emphasizes actualization over interpretation, which means that we use dreamwork methodology rather than symbol systems for gaining meaning from dreams.


  1. Read the dream and then go into a meditative state with your eyes closed and see the dream for yourself. Allow or place yourself and your own dream or life characters in the dream in place of the original characters.

  2. Re-enact the dream still in the meditative state and immediately record your insights and feelings.

  3. Read the commentary here and the issues and questions. Respond to anything which is evocative for you, positive or negative.

  4. Bring your experience to essence in a principle, insight or life task for yourself. You might also put your experience into ant or movement, or discuss it with a friend of guide. You have then made the dream your own.

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THE DREAM-The Snake Hors d'oeuvre

I dreamed that I insisted on going to this cocktail party out on a terrace. My energy was high and I quickly grabbed an hors d'oeuvre from a passing waiter and put it to my mouth. I was horrified to see at the last moment that it was a pastry with a tiny, live snake wrapped around it. I was so disgusted that I threw it against the wall and woke up.


Destiny is knocking at your door but you may still be avoiding the crisis which is upon you. What is needed for healing in this situation? This food is strong medicine, and if it is to be eaten it must be done with consciousness rather than impulse. The food of the earth gods does not come lightly. Your life is being changed whether you like it or not. Your task may well be to accept the inevitable and to flow with it. Resistance and fear are natural to the human condition. Perhaps experience these fully, but then move on.


  • What enormity are you needing to face in your life at this time? You may be going through a severe crisis but have not yet gotten to the root of things. How can you change your attitude for the better in order to let destiny guide you? Seek competent help and communicate with friends.

  • It is your task to reconcile with the snake. Why not have a written or verbal dialogue with this creature and ask it why it has come into your life right now and how you might best cope with its message? Every situation is a life and death situation if we probe deeply enough to its spiritual significance. How deeply are you willing and able to go? Focus your commitment on what is essential to the meaning of your life journey, and let the rest go.