A Personal Tribute to Monte Ullman

Well over 25 years ago my odyssey to learn everything I could about dreams found me in the Portland State library seated at a study table piled high with books. In my naiveté, I wrote letters to all of the pivotal authors in the dream study field at that time asking for help, guidance and whatever wisdom they could offer regarding my quest for learning more about dreams. I received cordial, but not particularly helpful letters to a few of my queries, but the one that stood out was from Montague Ullman who actually invited me to his dream studies group in New York! I could not believe the sincerity and genuine offer of mentoring. He answered all of the questions I had posited and we actually exchanged letters several times more. I always felt the door was open and that he was accessible.

Unfortunately, a continent divided us and I was not in a position to pick up and head to the east coast. But his kindness and willingness to teach, share and nurture my budding dream passion never left me. With his support, he persuaded me to start my own dream groups using his and Nan Zimmerman's wonderful book, Working With Dreams, as a guide.

Montague Ullman is a fixture in the foundation of the dream community and deserves high praise for his hands-on and no-nonsense approach to dreamwork. Through his encouragement and expertise, the consciousness of the dream world has opened up. He is a jewel among us to whom we are all indebted.

May his work continue to evolve and be shared. ℘