Dreamtime Star Gazing


There are times when Dreams take us on unexplored roads to learn new things. Such is my case. Several years back I had dreams where I was specifically requested to look up information about the Constellation of Bootes and I did so. But, that’s all I did; I learned a few details about what Astronomers knew then about Bootes and let it go recorded and forgotten into my dream journal. I didn’t bother, at the time, to integrate any information about Bootes to anything pertinent in my life.

Time passed and then I was again presented with the opportunity to learn something new, only this time it did not come as easily. I dreamt that...

I am talking with a wonderful middle-aged man who is obviously avery good friend of mine, even though in real life I do not know this person. We talk about our families and hobbies and then decide to take a walk. We walk for a while, then enter a restaurant and sit down to eat something. I look out the window closest to me and see some reflected shadowy movement. I standup, move in closer to take a good look and see two beautiful peacocks, red and shimmering in glowing red light. I am so enthralled with the view that I call out to my friend and tell him I am seeing two very eccentric, red peacocks shimmering in red light! My friend comes overfrom the table, looks at them,smiles and tells me, “They are not eccentric, this is the way they are supposed to be... and still are!”

I awoke that morning feeling very well but knowing that I had to go learn about the “two red peacocks.”I knew the message inherent in the dream was important and decided to hit the search engines and see what I could come up with. I looked up “Peacock” in mythology and learned a lot in that area. I kept looking up the birds’ habits and felt it was nice information but nothing that really made me feel that I had come uponthe right interpretation. Being bilingual, I placed the word “Peacock” in Spanish, “Pavo,” and the Constellation of Pavo was displayed on the screen. As I read the description of the Constellation and learned it was made up of two very uneven but bright red primary and companion stars, I sensed that this was the information I was seeking.

I translated most of the article into Spanish and emailed it to my study group in South America. The response came quickly. About two days later they advised me that the investigation for “Pavo” was underway! They were to investigate and correlate some important spiritual facts about this constellation and they thanked me for the information. Needless to say that if I was confused at first on how to get information on the peacocks, I was evenmore confused when it was confirmed that the information received in my dream was correct and needed! It was a very powerful realization to learn how little knowledge I had of the heavens regarding Astronomical and Astrological points of view.

This was the beginning of new work habits in my dream journals. Everytime I had a dream, I went straight to an astrological calendar and took a look at what was happening up there in the sky. I did not even know what I was looking for, but I took a tremendous leap of faith and knew that someone who did know about Astrology would show up and could interpret the symbols for me. From another magazine I looked up the “fixed star” of the day and investigated the mythology behind that. This proved to be particularly helpful in understanding the “hidden opinion” behind the dream. I would then look up the Astronomer’s favorite picture for the day on the internet and also wrote it down. Another great leap of faith; since I had begun to understand the interrelatedness of everything, I knew the Cosmos up there somehow had to resonate with what was happening down here... and that the Astronomer’s sense of beauty would pick the right picture for the day.

Writing it all down took time, great effort, research and some experimentation so as to learn what informationwas pertinent, but it was well worth the time. I also learned that I could not choose one science above the other, but had to learn “scientifically“ from Astronomy about the wonderful Universe that surrounds us as well as the ancient mythological interpretations that were given by Astrologers. All of these two areas were important and interrelated in my dreams. As I became more familiar with these areas, wonderful new revelations were opened to me. When researching the information, the dates coincided with happenings up in the skies and cosmos.

The more familiar I became with Astronomical terms and visual identification of celestial bodies and Astronomy’s new discoveries, the more information I started receiving...with more “realistic and closely related visuals.” It was not long before all the detail work started to connect very well within my dreams. I would receive specific, wonderful gifts during Leonid or Quadrantid Meteor Showers, Equinoxes or Solstices. It was wonderful to discover that for several years, my healing dreams came to me during the same dates. I will never be a professional Astronomer nor Astrologer, but realize that for dreamers everywhere, these tools can be of great help and service. Using the Internet to navigate related, great sites can provide easytoreach research tools and there is free software that will allow you to keep track of the moon phases and astronomical visuals that can help, too.


I am visiting a building that specializes in Advertising and Public Relations. I am looking for someone in particular to discuss some details about something (I do not remember). I walk into a room and see thatit is in the process of being renovated, I walk into another and seethat this room is filled and busy with very delicate machinery. I walk towards the wall and notice a table with three transparent, flat, acrylic screens that are showing magnificent pictures, mainly in shades of red, orange, some grey and pockets of black. As I walk closer, I notice that the three screens are showing three sections of some remarkable picture from Space. I do not know what it is, but I know it is from outer Space. I ask the Office Manager what these are but she smiles and does not tell me. Regarding this dream, the moon was in Perigee to the Earth and it would be further clarified by the...


Christmas Day 2001: I am unwrapping a gift from my sister that is an Astronomy Calendar for 2002. Inside the cover page is something remarkable.

I awaken screaming and go get my dream journal. My painting of the beautiful three acrylic screens and the inside cover page present the same image! It’s the center of the Galaxy as processed by the twin telescopes “Two Micron All Sky Survey (2MASS)” in Arizona and Chile, in which they have captured the Milky Way galaxy and galaxies that lie beyond.

This dream genuinely surprised me. I felt the light and understood, once again, that it might have something to do with what was happening out in Space. I did more research and learned that the Earth would be in Perihelion to the Sun on January the 4th, and the Moon would be in Perigee to the Earth on January 10th. I understood then the uneven sized knobs could be representing the Earth and Moon. It was a wonderful dream!

I decided to use this dream as one of the three that are presented in this article, since it was taking place in a “building dedicated to Advertising and Public Relations.” My study group and I all had a good laugh at my reaction and it’s nice to have confirmation, once again, that dreams relate to what’s happening all around us... on many levels. ℘


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