The Dreaming Way: Dreamwork and Art for Remembering and Recovery by Patricia Reis and Susan Snow

The Dreaming Way Book

The Dreaming Way, Published 2000 by Spring Journal Inc, 174 pp.

At once tender and powerful, The Dreaming Way chronicles a two-year relationship between artist and dreamer Susan Snow and her therapist Patricia Reis. Dreams and their accompanying artwork are presented together with commentary by each woman, allowing the sometimes gentle and sometimes fierce dreamscape to unfold. As readers, we become co-journeyers in this process, meeting all the places where memory and dreaming intersect. All of the initial awe, power and mystery of the dream are preserved for the reader, and we are allowed to be the proverbial fly on the wall during these amazing sessions.

Following the presentation of the session material, there is commentary on both the artistic, the creative process Susan followed and also a reflection by Reis on the teachings drawn from the dreamwork. A retrospective conversation with Annie G. Rogers follows, further unveiling the magnificence of this empathic, healing collaboration. The Dreaming Way is a testament to the power of a safe therapeutic container and to the possibility of recovery offered to victims of trauma when voice is risked and the thread of creativity and dream is followed within it. Whether you are an artist, dreamer or therapist, you will find something of value in this unique and precious offering.