The Art of Dreaming: Tools for Creative Dream Work by Jill Mellick

The Dreaming Way Book

The Art of Dreaming, Published 2001 by Conari Press, 220 pp.

Whether you are a seasoned dream worker or relatively new to exploring the dreamscape, Jill Mellick has something of value to offer in her book The Art of Dreaming. An intelligent writer who has worked closely with renowned Jungian analyst Marion Woodman, Jill Mellick respects her readers’ intelligence and innate capacity to draw their own conclusions regarding dreams. Rather than presenting trite, narrowing definitions of dream material, Dr. Mellick suggests quick and surprisingly simple ways to delve deeper into dream images and open them to larger meaning, helping ground them in the context of waking life. Using creative tools such as word play, mask making, mapping, clay, drama and dance, The Art of Dreaming is as practical as it is poetic. Mellick shows dreamers how to work in their own way and that dreamwork does not need to be tedious or overly analytical.

Sections include Expressive Dream Work in 5 minutes, Expressive Dream Work in 10-15 minutes, Expressive Dream Work with Nightmares, Expressive Dream Work with Recurring Dreams and Series, as well as The Care and Feeding of Dream Figures and Animals. There is also an extremely helpful set of guidelines for establishing a working dream group as well as a glistening and thoughtful bibliography. For anyone looking to delve more deeply into the mysteries of the unconscious, this book provides inspiring techniques to further tend the images of the soul as they appear in our dreams. ℘