Finding My Song through Dreamwork

Bambi Corso

I have always been a lover of dreams, and I have always known that working with them would guide me throughout my life. At a young age, dreams became vital for my well being. There was something about them that fed me, something that deep inside I knew was absolutely necessary for my own development and evolution. Thus, dreams became a practice in commitment, mindfulness, and trust.

As a child, there were three things that I was profoundly interested in. One of them was doctoring, and the others were reading and writing. In those days, I was fascinated with medicine, the idea of which was initiated by my mother who practiced holistic medicine and the power of the mind so we could heal ourselves. I was a very quiet child, so reading and writing were ideal forms of communication and therefore became my other big interests.

In my late teens, and far from the memories of my childhood interests, I began a 27-year career in the corporate world of administration and later executive management. Though this type of livelihood was stable and I learned a tremendous amount about business, it was unfulfilling and devoid of passion. I watched my dreams carefully as they pointed to high levels of creativity, meaning, soul and purpose. These dreams seemed to keep me going and kept me hopeful that the pull of my future would eventually find me. I had read a quote by Oliver Wendell Holmes stating, “Most people go to their grave with their music still inside them”, and vowing to myself not to be one of them, began dreaming of searching for my song, my calling.

Throughout my years in the corporate world, I was often visited by images of fire, injured or angry animals, destruction and the lack of having a voice. These dreams, though disturbing and upsetting, encouraged me to work on myself, to begin to heal the areas of my own personality that were far from being whole and complete. My vacations were spent going to spiritual retreats with the goal of learning something else about myself that I could transform. It was obvious to me that I had to dig deep in order to find my strength, my confidence, and my voice.

As my life evolved, I was often visited by dreams of healing and the desire to make a difference. There was an overall sense of unseen forces at work in my life represented by images such as alchemy, guides, mysterious people or animals, finding treasures and themes of metaphysical elements at work. These dreams helped me to remember that I was not on my path alone, and that there was help coming from somewhere else.

In 1998 I was given my first song in a dream. “I start this process of cleaning up and recycling, and eventually all the remaining people start to help too, and now we are all working together toward the same goal of cleaning up the Land. As we are doing this, I start hearing an Indian song, one I’ve never heard before and it just repeats over and over as we pick up the trash. Everyone works an area at a time like we’re a human machine picking up the trash in a herd type fashion. I notice some other people now showing up, dark people, but I don’t think anything of it as I continue to clean. But the song continues and more and more people show up and now I realize that they are hairy and naked, like old ancestral primitives and they are holding staffs. Still, I continue cleaning, but now they have encircled us at the top of this mountain area. I suddenly realize that these are the people of the Land! They never say a word, but they acknowledge what we are doing by showing themselves to us, which is so rare and such an honor, a reverence takes place between us. I see the looks in their eyes as they stand here proud and strong which is hard to explain. They are still living on the Land and watching over it. They are grateful. I hear a voice say, “Social Knowledge Keeps Us Both”, like living together in harmony, honoring one another for our lives and our differences.” The idea of cleaning up the Land, became more a representation of cleaning up the emotional and spiritual land of people I would eventually work with.

Continuing to watch for indications of what I should do with my life, I dreamed that I myself would be doing dreamwork in a larger way when “I am at a conference and Stephen asks me if I’ll introduce the next set of people, which I do, but then feel bad because I don’t know enough to say anything more than that about them, and I need to be better prepared.” Based on this dream, the next night I attended a local Toastmasters meeting whose name was Rhetorical Link where two of the dream images were represented in physical form. The first was the name of the Toastmasters group represented as a family surname in the dream (Link), and the names Bob and Hope, which came up when the main presenter made the unsolicited comment that, “Well even Bob Hope says he still gets nervous every time he speaks.” I knew then and there that I was being guided to this place, and I spent the next two years learning the skill.

The next clue came in 2001 when I dream, “It’s fascinating, for “Sound” is traveling between the two Poles, in an energetic way. I can see the night sky behind the poles and so there is a sense of vastness. These little tiny particles of sound travel between the poles, and then bounce off each other. The particles are together like a swarm of bees and travel the same kind of way, it looks the same, and so all these particles fly through the air and then hit one Pole, and as they hit, it sounds like a shattering of breaking glass, but then I can also hear voices and maybe some music for a moment as the particles actually touch the Pole. As soon as they hit one Pole, they start moving to the other Pole, and the same thing happens. I am just blown away by what I am seeing and so fascinated!” Years later, I acknowledge that these poles were the first introduction of the Law of Attraction, and that Like attracts Like which would play a huge role in my soon to be career.

Then, one day after years of asking to be shown something more specific, a Law of Attraction Life Coaching opportunity presented itself and I knew intuitively that this was what I had been preparing for. As a Life Coach I could combine all my years of personal study and knowledge to create a healing business to empower people to transform their lives in a positive way.

Looking back, I realize that everything has its time. What’s important is that we begin the gestation period by first planting the seeds and then watering them little by little to allow them to grow into full bloom. For me, it was never just one dream that moved me onto my path, but the unfolding of a dream series called my life, in story… one night at a time.

I have since completed my Certification as a Law of Attraction Life Coach, and hold two certifications through the Pacifica Graduate Institute where I was trained by Dr. Stephen Aizenstat Ph.D. in his method of DreamTending. My Life Coaching business, Living with Purpose… On Purpose is a combination of life coaching, dreamwork, and a life’s worth of experience and spiritual practice. It is a direct result of following the guidance received in my dreams. I now inspire and guide people to do the same utilizing the Law of Attraction and the wisdom of their dreams which I also write articles about. Decades past my original interests, I now consider myself a healer of sorts, and get to enjoy the pleasures of reading and writing in a way that supports my calling.

I believe that similar to James Hillmans “Acorn Theory”, we are all born with a sense of who we are to become already built within us. The guidance system that helps to reveal these gifts is that of dreams and intuitions, showing us where we feel our desires and our emotional responses allowing us to choose which direction will best serve us. Dreams help us navigate the waters of identifying who we are and what we truly want to be through their ability to move us emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically and symbolically. When listened to deeply and given proper attention, dreams offer a highly calibrated guidance system designed to help us stay on track, correcting our direction by suggesting adjustments in our thinking, actions, decisions and relationships so that we can live the life we desire, the life of our dreams.