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Stephen LaBerge

Website: The Lucidity Institute

Stephen LaBerge is a notable American psychophysiologist who has made significant contributions to the study of lucid dreaming. After obtaining his bachelor's in mathematics in 1967, LaBerge earned his Ph.D. in psychophysiology from Stanford University in 1980, where he also developed the MILD technique to induce lucid dreams. He founded The Lucidity Institute in 1987 to further research on lucid dreaming and offer instructional courses on the subject to the public.

Lucidity reports from Jayne Gackenbach & Stephen LaBerge

Jayne Gackenbach and Stephen LaBerge present their views and research on lucid dreaming. Gackenbach has produced and gathered normative data using experimental methods to answer three important questions about lucidity. LaBerge believes the primary determinant of dream experience is expectation.

Some Implications of Current Research into Lucid Dreaming

Stephen LaBerge discusses the implications of current research into lucid dreaming, including the potential for psychological and psychosomatic integration, and the exploration of higher and deeper levels of consciousness.