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Lorraine Grassano

Lorraine Grassano was born in Paterson, New Jersey in 1951 and graduated from Rutgers University with a B.A. in Journalism. She has been an Acquisitions Editor for Spinster/Aunt Lute Press and writer and Copy Editor for Dream Network Journal. She was founding editor of The Gay Old Times, The Lavender Express, and Natural Lighting.

Since 2008, she has been working on The Au Revoir Memoirs, a saga of unrequited love and the search for redemption and resolution. She self-published the first two volumes: With Vows Unspoken and With Chains Unbroken, and is in the infant stages of creating a trilogy.

Lorraine retired from the S.F. Rec/Park Department in 2004, where she served as a Park Patrol Officer, the first woman and gay person to do so. She now identifies as an XXY and is delighted at the diversity of gender terms making their way into our language.

Currently, Lorraine volunteers for the National Park Service at the Maritime Museum. Her interests include bird watching, dreaming, and science fiction.

She moved to San Francisco in 1978, now residing in Polk Gulch. Her favorite haunts are: Ti Piacera, the Cinch, the Bell Tower and the New Village Café.