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EastWest Works newsletter

Having been born and raised in the Pacific Rim city and area of Seattle, Inoshi grew up exposed to a variety of people and cultures, including a Western education ending with a Master of Arts degree. At midlife he finds that somehow he’s wrested out over half his tally of years in New York City, and along the way to have become a student of the Dreaming.

Inoshi’s groupwork facilitating medicine circles, such as dream sharing and zen styled meditation, and teaching the movement based practices of Taijiquan and Qigong, enable individuals to register and cultivate their innate capacities and human embodiment. In that respect each person may come to realize that all we do, even in minor tones, or unintendedly, effects our lived experience.

Now is the time to employ the knowledge we have gained, to restore and to regenerate ourselves and this Earth.