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Gary Bonnell


My approach to assisting individuals and groups find their genius is based on the following understanding:

​I know that by divine design, and through evolution, our mind is without limitation and is capable of clearly and accurately seeing into the future through each “now” moment. And that the now is available to us to the degree that we have released the confines of the past.

I know that each human is a sovereign being capable of unlimited understanding and creative insights. We are gifted of tremendous feats of accomplishment through true collaboration with others.

​Because our mind is not bound within our body, it is not governed by matter’s laws of physics and our mind influences matter at every level through the harmonics of our prevailing attitude toward life.

​Releasing the unresolved issues from our past releases our unique gifts of intuitive reasoning. When we release our need to be right about past issues we naturally move our conscious awareness to ever expanding dimensions of knowing.

​We are able to attract or manifest anything we determine is vital to our purposeful needs.