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Dream Network Contributors

Here's an (alphabetical) list of all the authors, poets, illustrators and more whose Dream Network posts we've published so far. If you don't see someone you'd like to see, let us know! Email us at

Alma Verbunt


My acquaintance with dreams dates from a very long time ago. During and after my psychology studies, I studied dreams more deeply. Initially by writing down my dreams and working with them, reading a lot about dreams and lat more

Ann Sayre Wiseman

You can buy a physical copy of Ann's book Satisfy the Image, from Handprint Press here.

Ann used Milton Erickson's common-sense and self hypnosis approach to dreams. She used art, dreams, and closed eye visioning in workshop intensives here and ab more

Anna Cox

Anna Cox, ACSW, was a psychotherapist in Arkansas for over 50 years. She is a Buddhist practitioner and began a healing program for those in prisons in 1994, Compassion Works for All, which is on-going throughout Arkansas and in many states' pr more

Art Funkhouser


Art was born in 1940 in Indiana and grew up in Oklahoma. He has lived in Switzerland since 1973 and is the proud father of three children and four grand grandkids.

His first degrees were in physics (MIT, '62) (coherent o more

Arthur Strock


Arthur Strock, Ph.D., is a Founding Life Member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams. He is dedicated to sharing information about dreamwork and how it can be used to improve our lives. Dr. Strock hold more

Bambi Corso

Author, DreamTracker, Law of Attraction Certified Coach

Bambi’s passion and exploration of dreamwork spans over forty years having journaled over eight thousand of her own dreams. She says that working with her dreams for so many years has given more

Bob Trowbridge


Bob was editor of the Dream Network Bulletin alongside Linda Magallón from 1987-1989. He graduated from San Francisco Theological Seminary in 1968 and was ordained as a Presbyterian minister. His ongoing spiritual seeki more

Bobbie Ann Pimm


I am a dreamworker and author of Notes From a Dreamer… on Dreaming: A Personal Journey in Dream Interpretation. My current focus is on teaching others how to interpret and work with their own dreams. I have created more

Brenda Ferrimani


I began my artistic work in the 1980’s as a graphic designer, operating my own design firm with clients throughout the state of Colorado, where I reside. During this time I also became known in the area for th more

Carl Johann Schroeder


I am a life coach and spiritual teacher. In 2012 I started sharing a system of teachings I had been developing, the Inner Selves Mastery system. The Inner Selves Mastery system (ISM) empowers your personal evolutio more

Catherine Kennedy


Catherine Kennedy is a painter and installation artist who lives and works in Sydney and the Blue Mountains. Her work explores the intersection of conscious and subconscious experience, bringing together the experi more

Chris Hudson

Chris Hudson was the second editor of the Dream Network Bulletin in New York from 1983-85. His wife, Dale Gottlieb, was the Bulletin's illustrator.

Chris and Dale currently live in Washington, and have two sons, Blake and Hill.

Christa Mackinnon


Christa Mackinnon is the founder and director of 'Bridging the Worlds Training' and and the co-founder of ‘Women Weaving Change’ and of ‘The Modern Medicine Woman Training School’. She is the author of Shamanism and Spi more

Christopher Ryan


Christopher and his work have been featured just about everywhere, including Netflix, HBO, MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, NPR, The New York Times, The Times of London, Playboy, The Washington Post, Time, Newsweek, and The Atlantic. Chri more

Craig Chalquist


Depth psychologist, professor, author, presenter, teacherpreneur.

Currently a core faculty member in in East-West Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies, former Associate Provost of Pacifica Graduate Inst more

Craig Webb

Craig Webb, Executive Director of the non-profit DREAMS Foundation, is a McGill University graduate with pioneering dream and lucid dream research at Stanford University and Montreal’s Sacré-Coeur Hospital. As an author, columnist, and hired/inv more

Curtiss Hoffman

Curtiss Hoffman is an archaeologist and consciousness researcher. He is the former Chair of the Department of Anthropology at Bridgewater State College, now retired and teaching part-time. He is particularly interested in cultural systems of th more

Dale Gottlieb


Dale Gottlieb was born in Brooklyn, New York. She grew up going to the Brooklyn Museum of Art on Saturday mornings. Her work is still inspired by the African art collection. The appeal of primitive art continued to influ more

Dan Kennedy


I'm a programmer, artist and long time dreamer. I started a dream journal at age 11 and haven't ever thought to stop. I studied Arts and Fine Arts in Sydney, and worked in the arts for a few years, including a stint at In more

Daniel Shellabarger


Blogger profile:

I lived totally without cents since Autumn of 2000 (except for a couple months in 2001) until the Spring of 2016, when I started caring for my aging parents, managing their finances. For more

David Feinstein


David Feinstein, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and a pioneer in developing innovative therapeutic approaches, leading to nine national awards for his books on consciousness and healing. He and his wife, Donna E more

David Sparenberg

International Eco Ebook, Author OVI Bookshop, Director-Scriptwriter for CROSSING the THRESHOLD TOGETHER video project

David's YouTube channel

Deborah Koff-Chapin


On my last day in art school in 1974, I had a creative awakening. In a moment of playful exploration, I moved my fingertips on a paper towel instead of wiping the inked plate. Lifting the towel, I saw childlike scrawls o more

Deena Metzger


BLOG -- Ruin and Beauty

BLOG -- To Consider 2012

A poet, novelist, essayist, storyteller, teacher, healer and medicine woman who has taught and counseled for ov more

Dick McLeester


Once upon a time, there were no humans on the planet. You may be too young to remember, but it seems the earth did just fine in those days. The earth gave birth to an incredible, rich diversity of life, and yet mainta more

Dr. Amy Mindell


Dr. Amy Mindell is in private therapeutic practice in Portland, Oregon and teaches in many countries in the world. She helped developed process work in the areas of coma, creativity, dance, and facilitator styles.

She holds more

Dr. Arnold Mindell


Dr. Arnold Mindell, or Arny, is also in private practice in Portland, Oregon, and teaches with his wife Amy Mindell around the world. He is known for his development of the “Dreambody” and “Process Work” (process oriented psy more

Dr. Debbie Joffe Ellis


Dr Debbie Joffe Ellis was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. New York City has been her home base for the past two decades. She is a licensed psychologist (Australia), licensed mental health counselor (New more

Dr. Kathy Martone

Facebook page

Dr. Kathy Martone is currently an author and artist living in a small Victorian town in the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas. Before retiring, and moving from Denver, CO to Eureka Springs, AR in 2015, she was a Jungian psychologist in p more

Dr. Stanley Krippner


Fundraiser: Support For Dr. Stanley Krippner

Stanley Krippner was the Alan Watts Professor of Psychology at Saybrook University for 47 years. He is a Fellow in five American Psychological Association (APA) divisi more

Edward Bruce Bynum, Ph.D., ABPP



Dr. Bynum is the author of numerous clinical articles in scientific journals, four texts in psychology and two in poetry. His most recent texts in psychology are The African Uncons more

Eric Snyder

Eric Snyder is an artist, visionary, and culinarian. After studying art in North Carolina, he moved to the San Francisco Bay Area mentoring under renowned painters Bill Martin, Helvi Wamsley and Charles Becker. Working with master chefs in priv more

Evelyn Duesbury


Evelyn Duesbury is a National Certified Counselor (NCC), a Board Certified TeleMental Health Provider (BC-TMH-CCE), and a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). She is a member of the American Cou more

Fariba Bogzaran


Fariba Bogzaran, PhD 1994, is artist/scientist, and founded the Dream Studies program at John F. Kennedy University in Berkeley, California, where she taught as an associate professor for 25 years. She was part of the more

Fred Olsen


Fred C. Olsen, M.Div. is a teacher, counselor, and consultant who moved from a career in the space program to explore the frontiers of inner space.

He began his professional career in the Fall of 1965 following graduation more

Gary Bonnell


My approach to assisting individuals and groups find their genius is based on the following understanding:

​I know that by divine design, and through evolution, our mind is without limitatio more

Genell Howell


Genell, MA, LMHC is a psychotherapist in private practice based out of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, where she specializes in body-mind psychotherapies, trauma resolution, dreams, and helping people unearth their inner self. She more

Henry Reed


Henry divides his time between being a goat rancher and being an independent scholar of psychology, involved in writing, teaching, consulting, research and counseling. His speciality is cultivating the creative spirit in ot more



EastWest Works newsletter

Having been born and raised in the Pacific Rim city and area of Seattle, Inoshi grew up exposed to a variety of people and cultures, including a Western education ending with a Master of Arts degree more

Irene Clurman


A graduate of Jeremy Taylor's Marin Institute for Projective Dream Work, Irene Clurman has been working with dreams for almost thirty years.

Janice Baylis

"Just when you thought nothing new could be written about dreams, Janice Baylis has applied chaos theory and complexity theory to dream interpretation. Her suggestions are grounded in cutting edge paradigms." Stanley Krippner, PhD. Professor of P more

Jaye Beldo


Jaye B is a writer, musician and artist. His art criticism has appeared in Art Paper, New North Artscape, Art Muscle, Northfield Magazine and elsewhere. His articles have also appeared in City Pages, Twin Cities Re more

Jean Campbell


Jean Campbell is the Editor of DreamTime Magazine for the International Association for the Study of Dreams, where she also serves on their Board of Directors. She is CEO of the nonprofit organization, The iMAGE more

Jeanne Schul

Website: thresholdjourneys

Jeanne’s career path has been that of “teacher.” She has taught learners of all ages, focusing on the integration of soma, soul, and psyche. Whether she is teaching dance, dreamwork, body therapy, or hatha yoga, she is more

Jennifer Wohl


Jennifer Wohl, MA, LPC is a psychotherapist in private practice in Portland, Oregon, where she specializes in working with dreams, bereavement, and body-based psychotherapy. She has been working with dreams professio more

Jeremy Taylor


Jeremy Taylor, D.Mn., was a Unitarian Universalist minister, full-time dream worker, and one of the original four co-founders of the Association for the Study of Dreams. He served as ASD President from 1994-1995.

He is th more

Jill Gregory

More articles on 'Electric Dreams'

Jill Gregory is a dream networker and educator who founded the Novato Center for Dreams in 1987. A charter member of the Bay Area Dreamworkers Group, she has served in leadership positions since 1987. She was t more

Joanna Penn


J.F.Penn is the Award-nominated, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the ARKANE thrillers and London Crime Thriller series as well as other dark fantasy stories. Her books weave together ancient artifacts, relic more

Jordi Borràs García


I'm a psychologist and graduate of the University of Barcelona. After finishing my degree, I realised that dreams were path in which my two main interests converged: the study of consciousness and the practice of creativi more

Joseph Mason


Dream, myth, religion and crop circle researcher.

Joy Fatooh

Editorial Director,

Copy editor, IASD Newsletter


My earliest memories include dreams and my fascination was intensified by sharing a mutual dream with my sister at the age of 11. Psi dreami more

Kelly Bulkeley


Kelly Bulkeley, Ph.D., is a dream researcher and author with a background in the psychology of religion. He is director of the Sleep and Dream Database (SDDb), a Senior Editor of the APA journal Dreaming, and a former Pr more

Kim Birdsong


Kim Birdsong was born and adopted in Naples, Italy, and has lived most of her life on the Monterey Peninsula. She was a review editor for the Dream Network Journal for many years.

Her background includes a master’s degre more

Laura Atkinson


My career started as a photojournalist for a weekly town newspaper. My style has evolved to include nature, dreamscapes, landscapes, and travel & tourism. I’ve been awarded grants and won awards for my imagery, and h more

Linda Magallón


Linda Lane Magallón, MBA invested more than 18 years in the field, researching lucid, mutual, telepathic and flying dreams. She was editor of the Dream Network Bulletin alongside Bob Trowbridge from 1987-1989.

Pra more

Linda Mastrangelo


Linda Mastrangelo, MA, LMFT is an author, educator, artist and psychotherapist with a private practice in the San Francisco Bay area specializing in bereavement and dreamwork. Being a prolific dreamer since child more

Linda Riebel

Linda Riebel, PhD, conducted a psychotherapy practice in San Francisco and Berkeley for twenty-five years, specializing in eating disorders, anxiety, and depression. She is now retired after 27 years on the faculty of Saybrook University.

She is more

Lint Hutchinson


Linton Hutchinson has been working with dreams for over thirty years. He first introduced the use of dreams at Stonesoup School an alternative program based on Summerhill that he and others created to meet the needs of stud more

Lorraine Grassano

Lorraine Grassano was born in Paterson, New Jersey in 1951 and graduated from Rutgers University with a B.A. in Journalism. She has been an Acquisitions Editor for Spinster/Aunt Lute Press and writer and Copy Editor for Dream Network Journal. S more

Marie Otte

On Twitter:

Marie Otte is a published writer and has been doing dream work for many years. She holds a degree from Northern Illinois University in music education.

Marlene King


Marlene started her first dream journal at age 8. She has accumulated volumes since then filled with images, feelings, symbolism and characters that never fail to educate and inspire her and elucidate her waking w more

Michael Ortiz Hill


Michael Ortiz Hill is a registered nurse, a Buddhist practitioner, and an initiated medicine man with tribal people of Zimbabwe. The core of his spiritual practice has been the refinement and activity of compassion. more

Mildred Rosario

I joined Dream Network Journal in the early '90s and enjoyed it until it stopped publishing. Everything was then lost to a fire and I thought I would never again have access to these great magazines.

Thanks to Daniel and Inoshi who compiled the more

Montague Ullman

Archive of Montague Ullman's writings on dreams, compiled by Markku Siivola:

More information on Montague Ullman and selected writings on Judy Gardiner's website,

Montague Ullman (1916 – 2008) was a renowned psy more

Nancy Roberts

Nancy Roberts fell in love with books as a child, and the love affair continues. As a television producer/talent, writer, book reviewer and blogger, she has been able to indulge her passion for literature, with an eclectic taste that runs from more

Orna Ben-Shoshan


Having an Orna Ben-Shoshan painting on your wall is like having a window to another dimension. Orna’s artwork involves opening her consciousness and channeling images that come to her from a different realm of existence.

A more

Paco Mitchell


Paco Mitchell is a Jungian author, artist, therapist and editor, dedicated to the study of dreams, essay- and fiction-writing, and creative ventures in general. His interest in dreams focuses primarily o more

Patricia Pionke

Patricia Pionke is a long time reader of and occasional contributor to the Dream Network Journal.

Paul Levy


Born in 1956, Paul Levy grew up in Yonkers, New York. In the mid-seventies he went to college at what was then called the State University of New York at Binghamton (now called Binghamton University), receiving degre more

Rachel Norment

Book: Dream Explorations: A Journey in Self-Knowledge and Self-Realization

A facilitator of dream groups since 1995, Rachel is certified through the Marin Institute for Projective Dream Work in California. She has also been a facilitator with the more

Richard Wilkerson


In the early 1980s, I was working as a counselor for the City & County of San Francisco. These kids were from broken homes and they had generally experienced little but abuse and neglect throughout their lives. As that time more

Rita Dwyer

Consider the words of astronaut Edgar Mitchell, "There are no unnatural or supernatural phenomena, only very large gaps in our knowledge of what is natural."

I used to say I was a convert from outer space to inner space, having a professional lif more

Robert Moss



When strangers ask me what I do, I often respond, “I am a storyteller and I help people to find and live their bigger and braver stories, and tell them really well.”

Robert Moss describes himsel more

Robert P. Gongloff


Robert’s background in dream work is varied. He has been involved with the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) for over 25 years. Through this organization, he has enjoyed the benefit of multidisc more

Robert Van de Castle


Robert L. Van de Castle made his transition from this world on Wednesday, January 29, 2014.

Dr. Van de Castle's life work was devoted to dreams and dream research. He received his B.A in General Psychology at Syracuse more

Robert Waggoner


Robert Waggoner wrote the acclaimed book, Lucid Dreaming – Gateway to the Inner Self (now in its tenth printing), and co-authored Lucid Dreaming Plain and Simple with Caroline McCready. Both books are in Audible, Kindle and more

Roberta Ossana

By way of introduction, may I share two of the dreams/experiences that compelled me onto this path, an abbreviated dream autobiography. It is, of course, an ongoing adventure.

The event that marked my starting point appeared in the form of a tec more

Rosemary Watts-Dreyer

Rosemary has been actively studying dream analysis since 1980. She has worked extensively with Jungian dream analysts. As an actress and dream worker, Rosemary teaches how to use dreams to heighten your own creativity. She has conducted many sp more

Russell Lockhart


Los Angeles-born Russell Lockhart has a doctoral degree (human psychophysiology) from the University of Southern California. In 1974 he graduated from the C.G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles, where he served as Director of more

Sandy Sela-Smith


Dr. Sandy Sela-Smith earned her Ph.D. in psychology after a 15-year healing journey that took her into the depths of her internal world, as well as into many cultures and countries in the external world. Her journe more

Star Edwards


Star Edwards has been a student of dreams and dream journaler for most of her life. In waking life she is harpist, artist and dancer. She has a wide repertoire of harp music and is available for event performances.

Suzanna Hart

Suzanna Hart, M.A. (d. 2018), was a Bay Area Jungian counselor, artist and prolific cartoonist. She led dreamwork classes and Jungian discussion groups through Community Education in Marin County. Suzanna was part of the art/theater scene in Sa more

Tara Greene


I'm a metaphysical teacher. I love working with Tarot, Astrology, dream work, symbols, archetypes, teaching, connecting, inspiring, helping.

I remember my past lives and that we are all multi-dimensional infinite more

Travis Wernet


Travis Wernet is a Certified Dream Worker with the Marin Institute for Projective Dream Work and a Universal Life Minister. He has worked with dreams for many years in mental health settings, private groups and indivi more

Valley Reed


Chrysalis Healing Arts:

Dreamer, Lecturer, Writer, Healer, Activist, Dancer, Drummer.

Chrysalis Healing Arts: Energy Healing, Somatic Emotional Integration, Soul Coaching, Peace Moves™ Confl more

Victoria Vlach

Victoria Vlach has been a dreamer all her life. In addition to facilitating dream groups and workshops, she was a long time Regional Contact and occasional writer and proofreader for Dream Network.

She's passionate about the incredible potential more

William R. Stimson



Dr. William R. Stimson is the founding editor of the Dream Network.

Now living in Taiwan, Dr. Stimson teaches the Montague Ullman experiential dream group course at Tunghai University and more