Touch drawing by Deborah Koff-Chapin

This drawing was featured on the cover of Volume 33, #4 of the Dream Network Journal. It also appeared on Vol. 9 #1, the first issue under Roberta Ossana's stewardship.

The symbolism of the egg holds varied meanings in many cultures: Soul, New Beginnings, and Fertility. For our purpose here, I see the image conveying the protection of the sacred and here, twenty five years later and with the help of many hands, the egg remains protected. Coming full circle. Since I last wrote you in this column, there have been serious and painstaking attempts to locate a successor to carry on the vision and mission of DNJ; those efforts to date have been unsuccessful. > One woman with whom you may be familiar, Victoria Vlach, whose article, Gold in Dreams appears in this issue, was the perfect candidate. Unfortunately for her, the opportunity came at the wrong time. This is the last issue of Dream Network Journal in its current form. These are hard words for me to write. I feel hope in the new beginnings symbol of the egg and the many hands. Who knows what the future might hold? In this context, Russ Lockhart recently said: “I now believe it is time for DNJ to ‘go dark’ for 2015 as a necessary state for rebirth if that is in the future. Letting go of DNJ, letting it die, is likely what is necessary for any future rebirth of DNJ.” I say: So Be It. Amen. -Roberta Ossana