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Sandy Sela-Smith


Dr. Sandy Sela-Smith earned her Ph.D. in psychology after a 15-year healing journey that took her into the depths of her internal world, as well as into many cultures and countries in the external world. Her journey also brought her into the core of numerous spiritual traditions from the ancient past to the leading edge of current human spiritual understanding.

Perhaps, the single most important discovery of these multiple journeys is that no matter how disconnected we may feel, we are not separate; but rather, we are infinitely connected with each other and with everything that was, and is, and shall be.

The God-Self Under the Mask: Waking from the Personal and Collective Mythic Sleep

In the summer of 2007, just a few weeks before I began to write my own book, I read an article by Paul Levy in the Dream Network Journal that introduced his book titled The Madness of George W. Bush. I was imp more

A Man Beyond the Seasons

Just as Sir Thomas More struggled against the demands of King Henry VIII, as depicted in the film, A Man for all Seasons (Bolt, 1960), many humans are trapped by the unbending structures built around the ordered and predictable seasons of their l more

The Ullman Method of Dream Analysis: Content and Context

Five simple words, "if this were my dream" make the Ullman (1996, 1999; Ullman & Zimmerman, 1979) process of Dream Appreciation one of the most profound instruments I have found to unlock the messages in dreams - and more. I had the privilege o more