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Marie Otte

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Marie Otte is a published writer and has been doing dream work for many years. She holds a degree from Northern Illinois University in music education.

Precognitive Dreaming and Creativity

Precognitive dreams work in a variety of ways for dreamers. They have informed people about things that occurred the next day. Sometimes they have been a mystery with a silver lining that later unfolded and benefited the dreamer. This link betw more

Healing Animals In Dreams

A variety of animals have appeared in my dreams. The deer has been my most frequent visitor. Even as a child, I felt a sense of peace when I encounter one of these creatures. The buck and doe have delivered me messages on receptivity, survival, more

Planning and Incubating Dreams: Dreams and the Tarot

Are you able to recall dreams? If so, do you write them down? Have you ever tried posing a question before retiring in order to dream a solution? With practice, these concepts can be achieved. Throughout the day, remind yourself:

“I want to reme more