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Dick McLeester


Once upon a time, there were no humans on the planet. You may be too young to remember, but it seems the earth did just fine in those days. The earth gave birth to an incredible, rich diversity of life, and yet maintained a delicate, sustainable balance between it all. Even in the early days of human life, it seemed that we could be part of this magical balance as we found our niche and explored our possibilities. Sure, we made mistakes in those days, but we could usually learn from those mistakes and try to do better in the next generation.

But recently the humans seem to be acting like the worst kind of invasive species, spreading all over the planet, dominating, killing and destroying everything in sight. The delicate balance of life has been seriously disrupted by humans. What is happening here? Will the humans finally win their war against nature and thus destroy all chance for balance to be restored? What will it take for humans to change our ways, to strive again for some kind of balance?