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Celia Green


Celia Green is a British psychologist and philosopher, best known in dream circles for her seminal work on lucidity. She is the founder of the Oxford Forum, an association of independent academics taking part in research outside of mainstream institutions.

Green graduated from Oxford University in 1960 with with a B.Litt. Her thesis, on the physiology of altered states of consciousness, was supervised by H. H. Price. She went on to earn a DPhil from Oxford University for a thesis on causation and the mind-body problem.

She has published numerous books and articles on subjects such as lucid dreaming and psychophysics, including Lucid Dreams (with Charles McCreery), Out-of-the-Body Experiences, and The Human Evasion.

Lucid Dreams as Metachoric Experiences

Celia Green defines metachoric experiences as 'experiences in which the subject's environment is completely replaced by a hallucinatory one'. She discusses lucid dreams, out-of-the-body experiences and apparitions, and the philosophical implications of these experiences.