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Dr. Arnold Mindell


Dr. Arnold Mindell, or Arny, is also in private practice in Portland, Oregon, and teaches with his wife Amy Mindell around the world. He is known for his development of the “Dreambody” and “Process Work” (process oriented psychology).

He is the author of 23 books in over 35 languages, including Dreambody, The Shaman’s Body, Quantum Mind, Quantum Mind and Healing, and The Deep Democracy of Open Forums. He is also known in the areas of diversity work and conflict management for his Sitting in the Fire and for his integration of psychology, ecology and physics, for his work on dreams, bodywork, relationships, and for interventions in near death situations. His latest works, ProcessMind, A User’s Guide to The Mind of God and Dance of the Ancient One, bring psychology, physics and spiritual traditions closer to one another. You can follow Arny on Facebook.